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Korsakow: início & formatos

Aqui ficam os links das referências da aula:

Korsakow quick start »

Korsakow tutoriais »

Apontadores para as respostas das FAQs no Kowsakow:

What file formats should I use? » 

How do I add content to Korsakow?

Open-source, GPL-licensed, multiplatform, multithreaded video transcoder (para Mac, Linux e Windows) » HandBrake

+ 1 uns eclarecimentos: What HandBrake Is, What HandBrake Isn’t » HandBrake is not a ripper. It converts video, it does not rip it byte by byte. It does not crack the latest DVD copy protection schemes hatched by the studios. It converts video from nearly any format to a handful of modern ones—that’s it.