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+ Exemplos de trabalhos em Korsakow

Exemplos de trabalhos feitos com Korskow em 2010, 2011 e 2012 » classworks – interactive online video work by media undergrads:

Students are encouraged to experiment, to use available and small scale technologies (…), and to play with the problems that multilinearity and ubiquitious video making and sharing make for heritage video practice and narrative. This subject and my approach to it has always been at the bleeding edge in terms of tools, technologies and practices, as it is not about learning industrial system x t use in industry, but about getting your head into the radically porous granularity that media now is, and how that shifts practice, storytelling, making, viewing, and doing”
by Adrian Miles, in about interactive online video work by media undergrads

Comentem com as referências que vão envontrando e que condirerem interessantes para partilhar com os colegas também :)

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