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João Moreno – Etapa 4

Macro e Micro estruturas.


etapa4.2 – micro/macro-estrutura


Etapa 4 (Ela and Ivan)

The project contains 3 parts:

1. Improving the city with Cyber space for Digital artists

2. Interactive projection   <Around 60%>

3. Interactive video about the projection and possible future of the place


The location of the projection should be an abandoned building.

Aim of the project is to change the impression of a certain place and to create a possibility for artists to show their work to the public. —> digital street art


Water is probably the most important element for us. It is in us and around us. We are very aware of the water that is surrounding  us, but not everybody knows that we are made mostly of water.

We will make an interactive projection, where people are represented as water (ocean) in real time and they will be surrounded with abstract water (linear waves).


Interactive video (Korsakow) will consist of the:


Concept for changing the certain place, by bringing an old abandoned   building back to life with water and the possibilities of having this kind of cyber space for a longer period of time.


Making of and documentation of the interactive projection.   

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