~60% Prototype


In our Society an individual is defiend through many different characteristics and medias.
There is the life we have at work, at home, in the streets and online. In all of those lifes we show ourselves influenced by our surrounding.
But what are we mostly?
What is the humain body mainly made out of?

~60% of Water

This installation gives the individual which experiences it a Moment of to think and play just with the Projection of its own body filled with water.
The installation will take place in one of the streets of Lisboa. Water in different environments will be projected on a house wall.
As soon as a person enters the area of the projection the body will be tracked (kinect depth tracking) and 2 things will happen:
1. the outlines of the body appear
2. inside of the outlines appears a video (water in different shapes and contexts)

Bildschirmfoto 2013-01-21 um 04.01.41


VJ Forum International on Facebook on January 17th 2013
VJBooking on Facebook on January 20th 2013

3 responses to “~60% Prototype”

  1. carolinaroque says :

    Very cool! Reminded me of this: http://vimeo.com/43949735 Did you guys use other tools like Madmapper?

  2. elasomeni says :

    nice. its the same thing yes:) we use a combination of Quartz Composer and Modul8. Madmapper isnt useful for this installation.

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